Video Showcase


Extension was built as a living space for his mother in law. It meant she could live at the property but have her own space and privacy. Was built by the customer himself.


Extension was built by customer himself. No building experience, all DIY. Was built during the school summer holidays as customer works in that industry and was only time he had off. Now used as new living dining space for his family.


Extension was created as a new dining space. It meant he could have a new kitchen and incorporate the whole space as one. He is happy how warm his property is now due to the new build and its superior thermal values.


Extension was built to incorporate a new kitchen and dining area. Customer was happy with the high quality materials used and how quickly the process was to build.


Extension was built as a new living dining and kitchen space all in one. Knocked through into existing kitchen to create a large bright and airy space to host family and friends.


Extension was built by customer himself. Was built to replace old wooden rotting conservatory which wasn’t aesthetically pleasing and not functional. Will now be used as a new dining/living space.


Extension was built on the rear of the property to extend living area to create more space for small toddler running around. New porch was also added on the front of the property to add space downstairs and to protect and conserve heat in the property.


New large extension fitted to match existing house in brick cladding. It’s to be used as new living dining area. Customer was very happy how open and light this area is and how well it conserves heat.


Extension was built to create a larger dining area in the property. He also wanted to increase the value of the property by adding an extra space when coming to sell. Customer was happy how quick and efficient the build was, and from the start took about 2 weeks.

Case Study - MR MCCOY

New kitchen/dining area incorporated into living area. Customer has 2 small children and needed to increase property size but couldn’t afford the price of a traditional build. He was happy with the speed of the build as it took about 10 days which didn’t disturb his home life. Extension has created better living for his family.


Extension was built onto brand new property. Customer wanted to create extra space to open up the rear of the property and incorporate into the garden. Extension speed was a big factor and it took about 2 weeks. Customer happy with new living space to spend with his grandchildren.

Mrs Madison

Extension was built to provide a larger living space for her daughter and her family. With a newborn baby in the house, it meant they needed that extra space to accommodate the now extended family. Having knocked through into the existing living room, it also meant they could have a new kitchen to go alongside their now transformed rear of the property.

Mr Terry

The extension was built onto a brand new home. The customer wanted somewhere to sit in the summertime and enjoy his garden and also add extra space for somewhere to clean the dog when it’s wet from being on a walk. Extension went up and was completed in 2 weeks overall.

Mr Ferreira

This customer had rearranged their downstairs living space meaning they needed to extend their existing floor plan. By adding a single storey extension to their property it meant they could have somewhere new to relax and enjoy the view of their rear garden. The build in total took less than 2 weeks.

Mr Latimer

Customer added an extension to create an extra living space for the family to tie into the open plan kitchen. As the customer built the extension himself, he found it extremely easy to install his extension using our kit form product. Built in a matter of weeks, this customer and his family were able to use their new space straight the way.

Mr Nacci

Extension was build to replace old tired conservatory. Now this customer can use this new and spacious room all year round, and enjoy the views of his vibrant garden.